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San Diego Family Law Lawyers

A divorce or child custody dispute has the potential to be one of the defining moments in your life. The outcome of your divorce or child custody matter will obviously have a major impact on your relations with your children. In addition, the result of your divorce will have a major impact on your financial situation going forward. In any legal matter, you need an experienced, dedicated San Diego family law attorney on your side to give you every possible chance of achieving your goals.

Family Law Attorneys in San Diego

Daniel J. Martin, has practiced divorce and family law since 1990. He has devoted his entire legal career to family law and can serve as a strong advocate for you during this difficult time. As a family law attorney in San Diego, Daniel J. Martin has represented people from all walks of life, including members of the military and their spouses. San Diego family law attorney Lori Hoddy is a JAG-listed attorney and represents many service members and civilian spouses.

In order to achieve a favorable result in a family matter, you need to understand what you can and cannot do under San Diego and California law. You also need to understand when you need to go to court, and when negotiation is preferable. Unless you understand the law and the various strategies associated with litigation and mediation, it is unlikely you will accomplish your desired result.

Types of Family Law Cases

Our San Diego divorce attorneys will give you the advice and counsel that you need to make informed decisions about your family law needs including:

What Our San Diego Family Lawyers Can Do For You

Our family law attorneys in San Diego are passionate about the work we do, and we are passionate about protecting our clients' rights. Our San Diego family lawyers are here to help you, and are not just hired guns. When we take on a case, our family law attorneys are wholly devoted to our client and their cause. We also provide creative, strategic representation. There are a wide range of potential outcomes in any family matter. Our experience and skill allows us to see these potential outcomes and your options early in the proceedings. As a result, our San Diego family attorneys often think outside of the box to help you accomplish your objectives efficiently and effectively.

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Military Family Law Issues

Attorney Martin serves all the San Diego County area and is a Judge Advocate General-listed attorney for military families.

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